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Cat Fanciers' Federation Cat Shows and Show Winners

What is a cat show?

A show is a competition between cats in a show grouping.
Pedigreed cats are judged against a Breed Standard.
The Household Pets class may consist of any of the following: (1) a non-pedigreed cat (mixed breed); (2) a cat which "looks like" a particular pedigreed breed, but has no registration papers; or (3) a pedigreed cat which, for some reason, such as kinked tail, wrong eye color, etc., prohibits it from being shown in the Championship class. Household Pet judging is based on health, disposition, and "purrsonality."




2013-2014 Shows


Please click the show title for more information about that particular show.  You may ENTER SHOWS ON LINE:

April 5& 6, 2014   Northeast Feline Fanciers  South Attelboro MA

Past 2013-2014 Shows 

June 29, 2013 Ragdoll Fanciers' Club  5 RING SHOW!!!     4097 Diamond Hill Road. Cumberland RI  
                       Additional hotel info to follow shortly 

September 14, 2013  Ragdoll Fanciers Club  5 Ring show   4097 Diamond Hill Road Cumberland RI

November 9 & 10, 2013  United Maine Coon Cat Association   Springvale ME

December 7 & 8, 2013  CFF National   Fairhaven MA

January 11 & 12, 2014  Ragdoll Fanciers Club   Diamond Hill Road Cumberland RI

February 15 & 16, 2014 Himalayan Cat Fanciers  NH







1.  NUBIAN MALAIKA JAMAICA                                           Abyssinian                                           2072 pts
     Br: Meg Lambert                                                          Ruddy
     Ow: Meg Lambert                                                         Female


2.  KODA                                                                           Bengal                                                1865 pts

     Br: Michael Puzulis                                                       Brown Tabby

     Ow: Cynthia Munroe/Skyler Steiblin                              Male


3.  KASSELDOLLS TIGER LILY                                             Ragdoll                                               1562 pts

     Br: Ken Staples                                                             Seal Lynx Point

     Ow: Ken Staples                                                            Female


4.  KASSELDOLLS IS AN OREO                                            Ragdoll                                              1477 pts

     Br: Ken Staples                                                             Chocolate Point Bicolor

     Ow: Ken Staples                                                            Male


5.  MAIZEY TOMPKINS                                                        Exotic Shorthair                                  1328 pts

     Br: Carrie Williams                                                        Silver Tabby

     Ow: Louis & Barbara Genatossio                                    Female


6.  TANA BRUíS FINN W                                                      Norwegian Forest Cat                          1213 pts

     Br: Ronald/Janel Pastor                                                 Brown Mkl Tabby/White

     Ow: Cheryl Niedziecki                                                    Male


7. BIG MEOW VICTORIA OF CAMEOWCOONS                       Maine Coon Cat                                  1199 pts

    Br: Grace Ann Cox                                                           Brown Patched Tabby

    Ow: Kathy Gagnon                                                          Female


8.  CAPITAL HEIGHTS ECLIPSE                                             Scottish Fold                                     1112 pts

     Br: Vicky/Leslie Merrill                                                    Tortoiseshell/White

     Ow: Vicky/Leslie Merrill                                                   Female


9.  KASSELDOLLS MEZMERIZE                                              Ragdoll                                             1095 pts

     Br: Ken Staples                                                               Blue Point Bicolor

     Ow: Ken Staples                                                              Male


10.  GGLEGACY JASPER DANDY OF KIMBACATS                     Maine Coon Cat                                 1056 pts

      Br: Gisele Duplessis                                                        Brown Spotted Tabby/White

      Ow: Kim Wainacht                                                          Male


11.  CAPITAL HEIGHTS TRIPOD                                             Scottish Fold                                      1033 pts

       Br: Vicky/Leslie Merrill                                                   Red Tabby

       Ow: Vicky/Leslie Merrill                                                 Male


12.  KASSELDOLLS COOKIES N CREAM                                 Ragdoll                                              1005 pts

       Br: Ken Staples                                                             Chocolate Point Bicolor

       Ow: Pam/Mary Scungio                                                 Female


13.  GGLEGACY DANCERANGEL                                            Maine Coon Cat                                   959 pts

       Br: Gisele Duplessis                                                      Brown Tabby

       Ow: Gisele Duplessis                                                     Female


14.  CAP HGTS Mc JOSIE OF SILVER NUGGETTES                  Scottish Fold                                      955 pts

       Br: Vicky/Leslie Merrill                                                   Silver Patched Mkl Tabby/White

       Ow: Nancie Belser                                                         Female


15.  CAPITAL HEIGHTS LYNSEY LU                                        Scottish Fold                                       923 pts

        Br: Vicky/Leslie Merrill                                                  Silver Patched Tabby/White

        Ow: Tania Pano                                                            Female


16. KASSELDOLLS COVER GIRL                                            Ragdoll                                               796 pts

       Br: Ken Staples                                                             Seal Point Bicolor

       Ow: Ken Staples                                                           Female


17.  CAPITAL HEIGHTS MIKAH                                              Scottish Shorthair Straight                     756 pts

       Br: Vicky/Leslie Merrill                                                  Silver Patched Mkl Tabby/White

       Ow: Vicky/Leslie Merrill                                                 Female


18. GGLEGACY MOONLIGHTANGEL                                       Maine Coon Cat                                    750 pts

       Br: Gisele Duplessis                                                      Silver Tabby/White

       Ow: Gisele Duplessis                                                     Female


19. COONIFICENT SCOUTANGEL OF GGLEGACY                    Maine Coon Cat                                     715 pts

       Br: Patricia Montanaro                                                  Tortoiseshell

       Ow: Gisele Duplessis                                                    Female


20.  KASSELDOLLS LIMITED EDITION                                   Ragdoll                                                711 pts

       Br: Ken Staples                                                             Blue Lynx Point Mitted

       Ow:  Ken Staples                                                          Female








1.  KASSELDOLLS MICAH                                                     Ragdoll                                                 5008 pts

      Br: Ken Staples                                                             Seal Lynx Point Mitted

      Ow: Ken Staples                                                            Male


2.  CAMEOWCOONS THORANGEL OF GGLEGACY                  Maine Coon Cat                                     3805 pts

       Br: Kathy Gagnon                                                         Brown Tabby/White

       Ow: Gisele Duplessis                                                    Male        


3. OCEAN FOLDS DANTEí OF CAPITAL HGTS                         Scottish Fold                                         2674 pts

     Br: Sally Newell                                                              Silver Tabby/White

     Ow: Les & Vicky Merrill                                                   Male


4.  SPICEHILL SAWYER OF MUNDORIO                                 Himalayan                                            2127 pts

      Br: Gail Hart                                                                  Seal Point

      Ow: Debra Isidorio                                                        Male


5. KASSELDOLLS TEKILA MOON OF GALACTIC                     Ragdoll                                                 1913 pts

       Br: Ken Staples                                                            Lilac Lynx Point

       Ow: Pam Scungio                                                         Male


6. BIG MEOW VICTORIA OF CAMEOWCOONS                       Maine Coon Cat                                     1216 pts

     Br: Grace Ann Cox                                                          Brown Patched Tabby

     Ow: Kathy Gagnon                                                         Female


7.  KASSELDOLLS BELLATRIX OF GALACTIC                         Ragdoll                                                  1179 pts

       Br: Ken Staples                                                            Seal Point Bicolor

       Ow: Pam Scungio                                                         Female


8.  KASSELDOLLS AVALANCHE                                            Ragdoll                                                   1057 pts

      Br: Ken Staples                                                             Lilac Lynx Point Bicolor

      Ow: Ken Staples                                                           Male


9.   KARIANAíS TALBOT LAGO OF CATBRIER                        Oriental Shorthair                                  991 pts

      Br: Elisabeth Parent                                                      Chestnut/White

      Ow: Dona St. Hilaire                                                     Male


10.  HELDERBERGCATS SULTAN                                          Bengal                                                   965 pts

       Br: Michael Puzulis                                                       Brown Tabby

       Ow: Michael Puzulis                                                     Male


11. PINKATZ I B OTHELLO                                                   Exotic Shorthair                                      913 pts

       Br: Heddy Soule                                                           Blue

       Ow: Heddy Soule                                                         Male


12.  SWEET SEBASTIAN                                                       Persian                                                   826 pts

       Br: Jean Burns                                                             Cream

       Ow: Maureen Wayne-Ayotte                                        Male


13.  BLUE LIGHTNING OF SUPERDOLLS                               Ragdoll                                                   595 pts

       Br: Scottie Cone                                                          Lilac Point Bicolor

       Ow: Mike/Ivy Merles                                                   Male


14.  CAP HGTS Mc JOSIE OF SILVER NUGGETTES                Scottish Fold                                            585 pts

        Br: Vicky/Leslie Merrill                                               Silver Patched Mkl Tabby/White

        Ow: Nancie Belser                                                     Female


15.  SU-SUíS WINTER MIRACLE                                          Siamese                                                   545 pts

       Br: Judith Sousa                                                         Chocolate Point

       Ow: Joanne Cormier                                                   Male


16.  TIGER LILI OF NUBIAN                                                Abyssinian                                                543 pts

       Br: Merlo-Chateauvert-Guillemette                             Ruddy

       Ow: Meg Lambert                                                       Female    


17.  PETTEYCATS NITE ANGEL OF GGLEGACY                     Maine Coon Cat                                        534 pts

       Br: Cathy Pettey                                                         Brown Tabby

       Ow: Gisele Duplessis                                                  Female


18. METASTAR JUNGLEJAZZ                                               Bengal                                                     503 pts

     Br: Helen Mitchell                                                         Seal Mink Tabby

     Ow: Hermina Hart, Lessee                                            Male


19.  LOCH NESS PAWZ BENSON THE MEEK                         Scottish Shorthair Straight                       411 pts

        Br: Judy Gagne                                                          Black

        Ow: Judy Gagne                                                        Male


20. CAPITAL HEIGHTS ECLIPSE                                          Scottish Fold                                            396 pts

     Br: Vicky/Leslie Merrill                                                  Tortoiseshell/White

     Ow: Vicky/Leslie Merrill                                                 Female










1.  INTO WISHIN WILHELM                                                Norwegian Forest Cat                              4201 pts

Br: Melissa Alexander/Linda Stebner                                 Brown Mkl Tabby/White

Ow: Jan Sohigian                                                              Neuter


2. SANDELAR TATIANA TACHI OF SUTTONIAN                   Persian                                                    3372 pts

Br: Sandi/David Larkin                                                      Dilute Calico

Ow: Ruth & Robert Marino                                                Spay


3. PINKATZ COSETTE OF SUTTONIAN                                Exotic Shorthair                                       3325  pts

Br: Heddy Soule                                                                Silver Patched Tabby

Ow: Ruth & Robert Marino                                                 Spay      


4. SARAJEN SKYELAR SAND DUNE STARGAZER                 Maine Coon Cat                                        3136 pts

Br: Teri Matzkin                                                                Brown Tabby

Ow: Nancy Lisi                                                                 Neuter


5.  NUBIAN TAZ MANIA                                                     Abyssinian                                                 2835 pts

Br: Meg Lambert                                                              Red

Ow: Meg Lambert                                                             Neuter


6. FENDI                                                                          Himalayan                                                  2093 pts

Br: Amber/Elaine Radzevich                                             Cream Point

Ow: StephanieLionel Paris                                                Neuter


7. GRANVILLE BENNETT                                                    Exotic Shorthair                                         1675 pts              

 Br: Inga Sapalaite                                                           Black

 Ow: Barbara/Louis Genatossio                                        Neuter  


8. JAZZY ABBYS BUDDY RICH                                           Abyssinian                                                  1512 pts

Br: Stan/Patricia Buchanan                                               Ruddy

Ow; Stan/Patricia Buchanan                                             Neuter


9.  GGLEGACY KOPILUWAK                                               Maine Coon Cat                                         1328 pts

Br: Gisele Duplessis                                                          Brown Tabby

Ow: Kim Wainacht                                                            Neuter


10.  OCEAN FOLDS ZACHARINA                                        Scottish Fold                                              1301 pts

Br: Sally Newell                                                                Black/White

Ow: Jeanne Moore                                                            Spay


11.  COUPARI CELTIC PRIDE                                             Scottish Fold                                             1197 pts

Br: Melody Mathis                                                             Red Tabby/White

Ow: Melissa Towler                                                          Neuter


12.  TANA BRUíS FINN W                                                  Norwegian Forest Cat                                767 pts

Br: Ronald/Janel Pastor                                                    Brown Mkl Tabby/White

Ow: Cheryl Niedziecki                                                      Neuter


13.  KICSI-MACSKA LORETTA LYNN                                  Selkirk Rex Longhair                                 761 pts

Br: Sandra Rauch                                                             Seal Point

Ow: Margaret Salvas                                                        Spay


14. CAPITAL HEIGHTS TRIPOD                                         Scottish Fold                                              748 pts

Br: Vicky/Leslie Merrill                                                     Red Tabby

Ow: Vicky/Leslie Merrill                                                   Neuter


15.  KODA                                                                       Bengal                                                       710 pts

Br: Michael Puzulis                                                          Brown Tabby

Ow: Cynthia Munroe/Skyler Steiblin                                 Neuter


16. JAZZY ABBYS EARTHA KITT                                        Abyssinian                                                 684 pts

Br: Stan/Patricia Buchanan                                              Ruddy

Ow: Stan/Patricia Buchanan                                             Spay


17.  CLYDE DAZZLE RAZZLE                                             Himalayan                                                 682 pts

Br: Amber Radzevich                                                       Red Point

Ow: Stephanie Paris                                                        Neuter


18. PINKATZ I B HAMLET                                                 Exotic Shorthair                                         663 pts

Br: Heddy Soule                                                              Red Mkl Tabby/White

Ow: Jeanne Moore                                                          Neuter


19.  FROSTY ICE MAN                                                      Cornish Rex                                                596 pts

Br: Phyllis Jacobowitz                                                      Blue Harlequin

Ow: Margaret Salvas                                                       Neuter


20. PINKATZ EDISON                                                      Exotic Longhair                                            587 pts

Br: Heddy Soule                                                              Cream Point

Ow; Carl Johnson                                                            Neuter










1. SCRUFFY OF MUNDORIO                                                 Blue Point

     Ow: Deb Isidorio                                                            Neuter


2. HUCKLEBERRIE OF SUPERDOLLS                                     Seal Point Mitted

     Ow: Mike/Ivy Merles                                                      Neuter


3. BENNEE SOHIGIAN                                                         Brown Tabby/White          

    Ow: Jan Sohigian                                                           Neuter


4. JACQUI SPRITE OF SUPERDOLLS                                    Black/White                                      

    Ow: Michael Merles                                                        Spay


5. SNOWFLAKE BENTLEY                                                    Blue/White

    Ow: Cheryl Niedzwiecki                                                  Neuter


6. KOBIE PEARSON                                                             Cream Point Bicolor

    Ow: Elena Pearson                                                         Neuter


7. MIKEY LANDRY                                                               Brown Tabby/White                                                       

    Ow: Deborah Landry                                                       Neuter


8. SIMON McGEE                                                                Black/White

    Ow: Tracy MacArthur                                                      Neuter


9. MITTENS OF MUNDORIO                                                 Brown Tabby/White                         

     Ow: Debra Isidorio/Marion Munroe                                Spay


10. BUBBA OF SIAM                                                            Seal Point

      Ow: Judy Gagne                                                           Neuter


11. KELSEY REIGH                                                              Blue                                    

      Ow: Tracy MacArthur                                                    Spay


12. GILBERT OF THE GREEN MOUNTAIN                              Red Mkl Tabby                                                

      Ow: Cheryl Niedzwecki                                                 Neuter


13. YOGI BEAR OF MAGGIE LANE                                        Black                   

       Ow: Peggy Vivinetto                                                    Neuter


14. SIENNA OF SHAFTSBURY                                              Tortoiseshell

       Ow: Cheryl Niedzwiecki                                               Spay


15. THE FOX SO CUNNING & FREE @ SURFSIDE                  Red Mkl Tabby

      Ow: Joyce Arivella & Ron Silva                                      Neuter


16. LURA                                                                            White (Blue Eyed)

      Ow: Deborah/Mark Landry                                            Neuter


17.  SONIC OF SUPERDOLLS                                               Seal Point Mitted

      Ow: Michael Merles                                                      Neuter


18. HABI                                                                            Brown Tabby/White

      Ow: Mark & Deborah Landry                                        Neuter


19. PEGGY OF MIDNIGHT                                                   Black

       Ow: Jane Perkins                                                        Spay


20. PITA CORMIER                                                             Tortoiseshell

      Ow: Joanne Cormier                                                    Spay





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 Each year the Cat Fanciers' Federation presents awards to the Top 20 Year-end Winners in the Champion Class, Kitten Class, Alter Class and the Household Pet Class. To see the year-end winners from recent years please click on the links below.



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