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Our Charter

The United Maine Coon Cat Association (UMCCA), a Maine Coon breed club affiliated with the Cat Fanciers' Federation (CFF), was founded to protect the Maine Coon Cat and to promote it responsibly. Every member agrees to abide by several principles, which are the cornerstone of our Constitution:

Promotion of the Maine Coon Cat.
Protection of the Maine Coon Cat from obliteration or distortion of any of its naturally-evolved features.
Promotion and encouragement of closer harmony and exchange of information among breeders and owners of Maine Coon Cats.
Encouragement of selective breeding toward the standard of perfection, "without hybridization involving other breeds."
Provision of a CFF breed club for the consideration of all proposals relating to all competition classes and colors of the Maine Coon Cat breed.


Our History

CFF accepted the Maine Coon Cat for championship competition in March, 1971. At that time, there were nine purebred cat registry associations in North America, and each of them had a somewhat different standard describing how the ideal Maine Coon Cat should look.

During the latter half of 1972, Maine Coon breeders from around the country participated in the formulation of a "unified standard" -- a standard that they hoped would preserve the natural features of these native cats and forestall the development of any trends toward extremes in conformation. This standard was accepted by a majority vote of the participants, who then agreed to work for the acceptance of the unified standard within their respective registry associations.

The United Maine Coon Cat Association (UMCCA), CFF's Maine Coon breed club, was founded at the end of 1972. Since many of the early Maine Coons were registered with CFF, our first task as a breed club was to seek the adoption of the unified standard as the Maine Coon standard for CFF.

For more than 30 years, our members have strived to preserve the robust health and natural beauty of the original Maine Coons. While our primary focus is the protection and preservation of the Maine Coon Cat, we are also active participants in the Federation. We have sponsored rings at many shows over the years, and in recent years have put on several shows of our own.


Our Officers

President: Fran Tetreault
Vice President: Judy Wing
Treasurer: Vicky Merrill
Secretary: Priscilla Pettingell

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