National Winners


 Each year the Cat Fanciers’ Federation presents awards to the Top 20 Year-end Winners
in the Champion Class, Kitten Class, Alter Class and the Household Pet Class.
This is called our Parade of Perfection!

Congratulations to the breeders, and the exhibitors of these cats and kittens!

 Parade of Perfection
2015 – 2016



  1. NUBIAN MONTREAL EXPRESSO Abyssinian                                          1825 pts
    Br: Meg Lambert/Manono Lecuyer                                         Ruddy

Ow: Meg Lambert                                                                      Male


  1. MINT JULEP OF PUREMALTED PAWS (IMP) Scottish SH Straight                          1355 pts

Br: Zoya Kozir                                                                                          Shaded Silver

Ow: Sara Horton                                                                         Female


  1. MICIFANTASTICI McKARRILYNN SNUGGETTE (IMP) Scottish Fold            1285 pts

Br: Zoya Kozir                                                                          Golden Spotted Tabby

Ow: Nancie Belser                                                                     Female


  1. KELIM COONS MAVRIKANGEL OF GGLEGACY Maine Coon Cat           1005 pts

Br: Kim/Kelly/Rita Berg                                                           Brown Tabby/White

Ow: Gisele Duplessis                                                                Male


  1. SILVER NUGGETTES McPHURRGUSS Longhair Fold                                    1004 pts

Br: Nancie Belser                                                                      Black Smoke Tabby/White

Ow: Nancie Belser                                                                     Male


  1. SILVER NUGGETTES McTYGERR PAWZ Scottish SH Straight                          831 pts

Br: Nancie Belser                                                                      Brown Mkl Tabby

Ow: Nancie Belser                                                                     Male



Br: Diane Guisti                                                                         Silver Tabby

Ow: Shawna Santamore/Richard McChesney                          Female


  1. SILVER NUGGETTES McGIDJETTE Longhair Fold                                 794 pts

Br: Nancie Belser                                                                      Blue Silver Mkl Tabby/White

Ow: Nancie Belser                                                                     Female


  1. SENRABE’S LIGHTENING STRIKES Oriental Shorthair    780 pts

Br: Drew Barnes                                                                         Blue Spotted Tabby/White

Ow: Dona St. Hilaire                                                                  Female


  1. GALACTIC’S I WANNA BE A STAR Ragdoll                                                   778 pts

Br: Pamela Scungio                                                                   Blue Lynx Point Bicolor

Ow: Pamela Scungio                                                                  Female


  1. COMICAL CATZ BOOJA BOO OF PINKATZ Exotic Longhair     740 pts

Br: Christie Williamson                                                                           Chocolate

Ow: Sheila Walters/Heddy Soule                                                            Male


  1. AMERIKOONS TRITONANGEL OF GGLEGACY Maine Coon Cat Poly     677 pts

Br: Michele Cone                                                                     Cameo Tabby/White

Ow: Gisele Duplessis                                                                Male


  1. GALACTIC’S WHEN YOU WISH UPON A STAR Ragdoll                                                   675 pts

Br: Pamela Scungio                                                                   Blue Lynx Point Mitted

Ow: Pamela Scungio                                                                  Female


  1. SILVER NUGGETTES Mc TIPPSIEE BLEU Scottish LH Straight       656 pts

Br: Nancie Belser                                                                      Blue Silver Mkl Tabby/White

Ow: Nancie Belser                                                                     Female


  1. REGAL FELINES BEWITCHING SAMANTHA Maine Coon Cat       654 pts

Br: Shawna Santamore/Richard McChesney                          Brown Marble Tabby/White

Ow: Shawna Santamore/Richard McChesney                          Female


  1. KRAZY CURLS LIL CHEVY CAMEO Shorthair Curl      638 pts

Br: Wendy Seigars                                                                     Cameo Tabby

Ow: Wendy Seigars                                                                    Male


  1. KASSELDOLLS TEKILA SHOT Ragdoll                                                   622 pts

Br: Ken Staples                                                                          Chocolate Lynx Point Bicolor

Ow: Amanda C. Jimmink                                                           Male


  1. LE BEAU MINU DOMINO Maine Coon Cat                                     607 pts

Br: Carol/Tom Pedley                                                               Black/White

Ow: Carol/Tom Pedley                                                               Male


  1. GALACTIC’S CLAIR DE LUNE Ragdoll                                                     596 pts

Br: Pamela Scungio                                                                   Blue Point Mitted

Ow: Pamela Scungio                                                                  Male



Br: Michele Cone                                                                      Brown Tabby/White

Ow: Diane Guisti                                                                         Female





Br: Gelioland Zhamilya                                                            Brown Mkl Tabby

Ow: Sara Horton                                                                        Male


  1. GGLEGACY ANGELUNEAU                Maine Coon Cat                                                 3080 pts

Br: Gisele Duplessis                                                                 Golden Mkl Tabby/White

Ow: Gisele Duplessis                                                               Male


  1. RED RIDINGHOOD OF CATBRIER               Oriental Shorthair                                                               1766 pts

Br: Beverly Frenzel                                                                 Red/White

Ow: Dona St. Hilaire                                                               Female


  1. BIG MEOW HOLY SMOKE OF CAMEOWCOONS Maine Coon Cat    1300 pts

Br: Grace Ann Cox                                                                   Black Smoke/White

Ow: Kathleen Gagnon                                                              Male


  1. KASSELDOLLS ICE ICE BABY Ragdoll                                                                  1203 pts

Br: Ken Staples                                                                      Lilac Lynx Point Mitted

Ow: Ken Staples                                                                     Male


  1. HONEYCOON SIR BRAEBURN Maine Coon Cat                                                    1160 pts

Br: Karen Multer                                                                      Cream Tabby/White

Ow: Beverly Day                                                                      Male


  1. KASSELDOLLS CANDY MAN OF CNTRYDOLLS Ragdoll                                                                   1136 pts

Br: Ken Staples                                                                       Chocolate Lynx Point

Ow: Tracie Jones                                                                     Male


  1. SILVER NUGGETTES McTYGERR PAWZ Scottish SH Straight                                              1108 pts

Br: Nancie Belser                                                                   Brown Mkl Tabby

Ow: Nancie Belser                                                                  Male


  1. SILVER NUGGETTES McGIDJETTE Longhair Fold                                                         997  pts

Br: Nancie Belser                                                                    Blue Silver Mkl Tabby/White

Ow: Nancie Belser                                                                   Female


  1. RAVENSTAR’S NYMERIA Ragdoll                                                                     949 pts

Br: Natalia Lalicata                                                                  Blue Point Mitted

Ow: Diane Munroe                                                                   Female


  1. MINT JULEP OF PUREMALTED PAWS (IMP) Scottish SH Straight        941 pts

Br: Zoya Kozir                                                                          Shaded Silver

Ow: Sara Horton                                                                        Female


  1. COMICAL CATZ BOOJA BOO OF PINKATZ Exotic Longhair                                                       930 pts

Br: Christie Williamson                                                          Chocolate

Ow: Sheila Walters/Heddy Soule                                           Male


  1. FREE SPIRIT OF KRAZY CURLS Shorthair Curl                                                          902 pts

Br: Jennifer Herr                                                                     White (odd eyed)

Ow: Wendy Seigars                                                                  Female


  1. ORCHIDBOBS MIDNIGHT Kurilian Bobtail LH                       867 pts

Br: Sharon Paradis                                                                  Brown Mkl Tabby

Ow: Sharon Paradis                                                                 Male


  1. SPICEHILL DAKINI OF MUNDORIO Himalayan        858 pts

Br: Gail Hart                                                                            Seal Point

Ow: Debra Isidorio                                                                  Female  


  1. ANGELINA OF CAPITAL HEIGHTS Longhair Fold                        832 pts

Br: Gail Gagnon                                                                       Cameo Mkl Tabby/White

Ow: Les/Vicky Merrill                                                                           Female


  1. AMERIKOONS TRITONANGEL OF GGLEGACY Maine Coon Cat Poly                        775 pts

Br: Michele Cone                                                                  Cameo Tabby/White

Ow: Gisele Duplessis                                                                           Male


  1. DONEDEN ANASTASIA ATEFA Don Sphynx          757 pts

Br: Kathryn Eden                                                                       Black

Ow: Kathryn Eden                                                                     Female


  1. ORCHIDBOBS NICKI Kurilian Bobtail LH                        704 pts

Br: Sharon Paradis                                                                    Silver Mkl Tabby

Ow: Sharon Paradis                                                                   Male


  1. SILVER NUGGETTES McTORRO D’LION Scottish Fold          584 pts

Br: Nancie Belser                                                                    Red Tabby/White

Ow: Nancie Belser                                                                   Male






Br: Ken Staples                                                                              Chocolate Lynx Point Mitted

Ow: Lisa Barsalona                                                                        Spay


  1. SANDELAR TATIANA TACHI OF SUTTONIAN Persian                3114 pts

Br: Sandi/David Larkin                                                                  Dilute Calico

Ow: Ruth & Robert Marino                                                           Spay


  1. FENDI Himalayan                                                           3074 pts

Br: Amber/Elaine Radzevich                                                         Cream Point

Ow: Stephanie/Lionel Paris                                                          Neuter


  1. GRANVILLE BENNETT Exotic Shorthair   2183 pts

Br: Inga Sapalaite                                                                          Black

Ow: Barbara/Louis Genatossio                                                    Neuter


  1. SUNSMOKE I CANT PRONOUNCE BACCARUDA Scottish LH Straight    2128 pts

Br: Pat Hall                                                                                     Shaded Cameo

Ow: Melissa Towler                                                                       Neuter


  1. PINKATZ COSETTE OF SUTTONIAN Exotic Shorthair    2037  pts

Br: Heddy Soule                                                                             Silver Patched Tabby

Ow: Ruth & Robert Marino                                                           Spay


  1. OCEAN FOLDS ZACHARINA Scottish Fold    1947 pts

Br: Sally Newell                                                                             Black/White

Ow: Jeanne Moore                                                                         Spay


  1. PRIDENJOYCOONS MISSEE Maine Coon Cat    1737 pts

Br: Diane Guisti                                                                             Silver Patched Tabby/White

Ow: Jan Sohigian                                                                            Spay


  1. JAYWHISKERS UHURA Somali     1597 pts

Br: Gail Dolan/Mary Franz                                                            Ruddy

Ow: Tracy MacArthur                                                                    Spay


  1. MUNDORIO’S BROOKLINE Persian CPC                    1413 pts

Br: Debra Isidorio                                                                          Blue Creram

Ow: Debra Isidorio                                                                        Spay


  1. ORCHIDBOBS FLANN Kurilian Bobtail SH                    1278 pts

Br: Sharon Paradis                                                                         Red Tabby/White

Ow: Sharon Paradis                                                                        Neuter


  1. SIR LUKA KAHN OF SUTTONIAN Exotic Longhair                                                      983 pts

Br: Natasha Wiegelman                                                                 Blue Lynx Point

Ow: Ruth Marino                                                                            Neuter


  1. TANA BRU’S FINN W. Norwegian Forest Cat                     711 pts

Br: Ronald/Janel Pastor                                                                 Brown Mkl Tabby/White

Ow: Cheryl Niedzwiecki                                                               Neuter


  1. LILAC PALACE’S WII Persian                                                                     702 pts

Br: Maureen Wayne Ayotte                                                          Shaded Cameo

Ow: Maureen Wayne Ayotte                                                         Neuter


  1. BONNIE BELL OF THE BALL Persian CPC       661 pts

Br: Amber Radzevich                                                                    Brown Torbie

Ow: Stephanie Paris                                                                       Spay

  1. COUPARI CELTIC PRIDE Scottish Fold       562 pts

Br: Melody Mathis                                                                        Red Tabby/White

Ow: Melissa Towler                                                                       Neuter


  1. NEW MOON Himalayan        394 pts

Br: Amber/Elaine Radzevich                                                        Red Point

Ow: Stephanie Paris                                                                      Neuter


  1. KASSELDOLLS ZEN ZUM ZUM Ragdoll                                                                   337 pts

Br: Ken Staples                                                                              Seal Colorpoint

Ow: Laura Tyyska-Fahrudin                                                           Neuter


  1. GALACTIC’S FINNEGAN Ragdoll       280 pts

Br: Pamela Scungio                                                                      Seal Lynx Point Bicolor

Ow: Marilyn Price                                                                        Neuter


  1. SALAMBO Exotic Longhair        279 pts

Br: JP Demers/C. Ethier                                                              Cream

Ow: Suzanna Tessier/Bernard Lacasse                                         Neuter





1: LILDARLYNNS GIGI OF FAVORITETHINGS                              Napoleon                                              620 pts

Br: Lynn Helke                                                                                              Chocolate Shaded Torbie/White

Ow: Cindy Faucheux                                                                                     Female


2: RESQME SNICKERS OF FAVORITETHINGS                              Napoleon                                               358 pts

Br: Peggy Chenault                                                                                       Shaded Chocolate/White

Ow; Cindy Faucheux                                                                                     Male




  1. KOBIE PEARSON Cream Point Bicolor                                       4075 pts

Ow: Elena Pearson                                                                     Neuter


  1. TWILIGHT OF SUPERDOLLS Black/White                3524 pts

Ow: Michael Merles                                                                  Neuter


  1. TEDDEE                White (b.e.)                                                       3495 pts

Ow: Jan Sohigian                                                                      Neuter


  1. HARLEY BRUNO BERNIER                Red Point                                                          3453 pts

Ow: Karen Bernier                                                                   Neuter


  1. THE FOX SO CUNNING & FREE @ SURFSIDE Red Mkl Tabby 2786 pts

Ow: Joyce Arivella & Ron Silva                                             Neuter


  1. TWILIGHTS REVENGE OF RAVENSTAR Black/White                                                      2731 pts

Ow: Natalia Lalicata                                                                 Neuter


  1. BEAU LANDRY Black/White                                                      2251 pts

Ow: Deborah/Mark Landry                                                        Neuter


  1. JAZZY LANDRY Dilute Calico                                                    1623 pts

Ow: Deborah Landry                                                                  Spay


  1. SWEET GEORGIA PEACH Blue Patched Mkl Tabby/White                        1594 pts

Ow: Tracy MacArthur                                                              Spay


  1. KELSEY REIGH Blue    1174 pts

Ow: Tracy MacArthur                                                              Spay


  1. CLAUDE HOPPURR Brown Ticked Tabby                                            661 pts

Ow: Arlye Drury/Paul Galego                                                   Neuter


  1. ELLIOTT VII Black/White                                                          637 pts

Ow: Melissa Towler                                                                   Neuter


  1. HUMPHREY HUGO BERNIER                Seal Point                                                              629 pts

Ow: Karen Bernier                                                                   Neuter


  1. SIENNA OF SHAFTSBURY Tortoiseshell     564 pts

Ow: Cheryl Niedzwiecki                                                        Spay


  1. CONSTANTINE OF SUPERDOLLS                Cream Colorpoint                                                 329 pts

Ow: Michael Merles                                                                  Neuter


  1. STELLA DORA GASPAR Brown Tabby/White                                              266 pts

Ow: Kathryn Whaley                                                               Spay


  1. TRILLIUM MISSY-MISS                               Black/White                                                           227 pts

Ow: Sadie Brown                                                                        Spay


  1. SIMON McGEE Black/White      201 pts

Ow: Tracy MacArthur                                                              Neuter




  1. MIKEY LANDRY Brown Tabby/White   2951 pts

Ow: Deborah Landry                                                                  Neuter


  1. SKITTLES OF SUPERDOLLS Blue Point Mitted   1197 pts

Ow: Michael Merles                                                                   Neuter